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It seems you havent joined our clan, if you have mw2 alterIWnet, make an apply at application center.

THIS WEB SITE DONT WORK GO ON http://www.ciaclan.tk/
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 hey i want to join :)

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PostSubject: hey i want to join :)   Tue Nov 08, 2011 9:28 am

Name: Emil
Ingame name: R3N4T
Age: 15
Country: norway
Why do you want to join cia: becuse it sounds fun to play clan match and the clan have a awsome name and i have heard that it is a awsome clan
Skill(camping,rushing...: rushing/sniping
Xfire: renat1996
How long have you played in MW2: since it came out
Ever been in a clan before: yes
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hey i want to join :)
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